RareVoice Event Program

RareVoice is a yearly event that honors advocates in the rare disease space. Each year we honored advocates from government agencies, congressional offices, patient advocacy groups as well as unassociated patient or parent advocates who received awards.

For this program, I wrote all Foundation-associated copy, edited bios and did all graphic design. This task was particularly hard because any time congressional offices are involved, you have to bake in time to let them look over the document, which often takes longer than even they suggest. Because of that, I had to finish many of the interior pages first before the rest of the booklet was finished, because we wanted to provide as much time as possible for congressional offices to review the content relevant to their Member of Congress. A page like the “Thank You” page that honored Members of Congress who received an “A” rating on our congressional report card (shown in the gallery below) required a considerable amount of oversight and became more involved because I really wanted their achievements to stand out.

Additionally, for this project I had to work with our printers to have gold foil placed over the star, logo, and “6th Annual” text on the cover of the program. This required a considerable amount of project management, as I again realized that I’d need to bake-in considerable time to ensure we could get a printing proof delivered to our California offices from our printer’s office in Washington, DC.