Political Advertisements

All of the ads shown here appeared as full-page advertisements in Politico. For these projects, I provided all copy, did the graphic design and worked with the Politico staff to ensure they met print standards.

For the RareVoice ads, I worked with Congressional offices for approval to use the headshots for Members of Congress and ensure all copy met their requirements.

The #CuresNow advertisement rose out of a social media campaign I executed which asked rare disease patients across the country to take photos of themselves holding a #CuresNow poster so Members of Congress could see what the 21st Century Cures Act meant to their constituents. Our campaign worked, and President Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act into law in December 2016 as one of his final major accomplishments.

The Rare Disease Week ads were both two-page spreads which had the additional caveat of checking with all the organizations listed (each has more than 125) to ensure they were listed appropriately. Because it’s a political advertisement, it was crucial to provide a strong, direct message that reached the Congressional staffers who read Politico each day. I feel we did a good job of accomplishing that.